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What Forex Are?

Foreign exchange, often known as forex, is the process of buying and selling currencies for profit. Forex trading is conducted worldwide as a global market, with the largest markets located in major financial centers such as New York, London, Tokyo, and Hong Kong. The forex market is broad and consists of numerous entities such as banks, financial/business institutions, and brokers, all of which speculate on the movement of currency.

Trading Forex

Bitonext provides web trading platforms and specialized platforms for people wishing to carry on their trading. Traders may have access to a range of services meant to help enhance their trading, such as risk management tools such as stops and limits, interactive charts, integrated news feeds, and more.

While you may go short on other markets by employing derivative products, such as CFDs, short selling is an inherent feature of trading forex. You are constantly selling one currency (the quote currency) to buy another (the base currency). A forex pair’s price is the amount one unit of the base currency is worth in the quote currency.

Bitonext allows you to trade foreign exchange pairs using CFDs. CFDs are leveraged, so your money can go further. Leverage in forex allows you to open a position on the currency market by paying only a small proportion of the full value of the position up front.

Because the profit or loss you earn will reflect the full value of the position at the time it is closed, trading on margin allows you to generate large profits on a small investment. It may, however, amplify any losses, which means your losses might exceed your initial deposit. As a result, before trading CFDs, it is essential to assess the overall value of the leveraged forex position.

Forex Cross Rates

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Knowledge = Success

When you’re just starting, one of the most crucial trading factors is research. To build your trading strategy and gain profits like the professionals, you must first know everything about the market. Here are some recommended tools to keep an eye out for at first: 


Every trading account has free access to the most sophisticated platform and trading tools to help you discover your trading edge. A trading platform like Bito Next Webtrader enables you to place orders fast and make better data-driven decisions.inar dapibus leo.


Keeping a trading journal to record your thoughts, emotions, and observations is crucial. Webtrader can help you with that by recording all your trading history.


Calculators are used to calculate pip level, profit, or margin. With our calculators, you can evaluate the various outcomes of your trades and protect yourself against risks.


There is nothing more important when trading than real-time data about price movements. Access our data presented with dynamic and customizable charts to help you understand the markets.


Daily financial market analysis is an excellent tool for keeping up with breaking news articles, the most recent information, and FX patterns. Get daily market analysis and personalized recommendations provided by our professional industry analysts.


The economic calendar keeps track of the most significant world events, news releases, and market indicators. Use the Bito Next forex economic calendar to stay up to date.