WebTrader FAQ

To create an account with BitoNext, you have to:

1. Go to the Register section
2. Fill in all the required information
3. Upload all the documents needed to confirm your identity and location
4. Create a trading account
5. Make your first deposit
6. Click on BitoNext Webtrader on the middle right of the page and start trading. 

You must submit proof of identification, such as an identity card, driver’s license, or international passport, for our verification procedure. You must also provide proof of residency, which might be a utility bill (phone or energy bill) or a bank statement. All documents must have been produced within the last three months. 

“There might be a number of reasons why you are unable to access your account. However, most of the time, the explanations are connected to your password or internet connection. You may also address the majority of these issues by doing the following:

– You’ve selected the incorrect trading platform. We propose that you log in using the BitoNext platform.
– You may have entered an additional space or character in the password box by accident.

If you’ve tried the methods listed above and still can’t log in to your account, please contact us immediately. 

Yes. You may customize the BitoNext Webtrader UI to suit your needs.

You may alter the size of each part by dragging the blue line on the section’s side or top.
By clicking the arrow symbol in the center of the blue line, you may conceal each part.
By adding instruments to the favorites area, you may move them to the top of the instruments list. 

To withdraw your money, you must do the following:

1. Go to the main menu and select the accounts and deposits option.
2. Choose the trading account from which you wish to withdraw funds. Click the withdraw button, and your funds will be sent to your bank account or wallet shortly. 

To make a deposit, you must do the following:

1. Click to the Accounts and Deposits section.
2. Choose a trading account.
3. Select a payment option and click Add Funds.
4. Select the Deposit option. 

1. Select Pending Order in a New Order window.
2. Choose whether to purchase or sell the security.
3. Set the amount of your order as well as the price level at which it will be opened.
4. To open your pending order, click Submit. 

1. Access the financial instrument chart.
2. Close at the market price button by clicking the X button on the label. If you don’t want to close the entire order, you may choose how many lots you want to close at the market price.
3. To lower the amount, click the Minus Sign, and then close at the market price. 

1. In the open and pending orders tab below the chart, in the take profit or take loss column, click the Edit icon.
2. Enter the price ranges.
3. If you wish, you may change the stop loss and take profit levels by dragging and dropping the position label on the chart. 

The security of your data is a top priority at BitoNext, and we’ve built mechanisms to secure your personal information, privacy, and money.
Across our website and platform, we utilize the highest standards of data encryption.
A competent team of specialists continually monitors the situation and is ready to respond if an incident or irregularity in online payments occurs.
We maintain and improve the Webtrader platform to ensure that it is a secure environment in which to conduct your trades.
Passwords must have a particular level of difficulty and length.
Before updating your personal information or executing your data requests, we will confirm that you made the request.
We implement a 2 step verification process.